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Jonathan Popp Voiceover. The Voice that Popps!

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Jonathan Popp Voice Actor



“When a friendly dad of 4 girls starts talking into a mic!”


Come and see what makes me so Poppular

Well hey there, friend!

Thanks for visiting.  While you’re here, let me set down my coffee cup and screaming baby and tell you a bit about myself.

I’m your classic, everyday, borderline-too-friendly suburban dad.   Mowing lawns, changing diapers, playing poker with my friends in my garage, that’s kinda my vibe.  And yes it’s true…I’m a dad of four sweet little girls.  So…much…pink…everywhere.

Some years ago, my hometown voted me as Optimist of the Year.  True story.  While there may not be any “evidence” of this happening, you can believe me.  I’m an Eagle Scout, which means I’m trustworthy, loyal, helpful….you know the drill.  This ridiculous level of positivity means I’m able to keep a smile on my face when I step on yet another of my kids’ Legos….for the thousandth time.

What can I say?  I’m a nice guy.

When I’m not over-quoting movie lines to my eye-rolling wife, I’m in my sound booth creating voice magic for folks like you.

I believe there’s nothing more fantastic than collaborating with good people, getting creative, all while having fun. 

Whether I’m voicing the friendly neighbor, some likably nerdy guy buying a cell phone, a warm, caring teacher, an over-the-top loud dude-bro, or hard selling like a high-energy voice factory…

You’re gonna have a good feeling about me.


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